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First, you have to choose a country which will be related to all places you are looking for. You can pick a country proposed in the scrolling window, or start writing it and the system will automatically propose the choices with same letters, making it easy to find the country you need.

Second, you need to write the name of the city where you are based. You can pick one of the displayed cities in scrolling window, or you can write its name and the system will propose the best choices. Alternatively, you can use the geolocalization.

If there are any registered places already with your criteria, they will appear on the map, within a 100 km perimeter around the city where you are. If you move the map outside of this perimeter, you will need to update your search criteria, indicating the name of city in which you want to make a new search. If there is no place registered yet, you will be asked to share about any that you may know.

You can refine your search by clicking on different categories displayed on the top of the map with your results. Please note that these categories have been defined to start building our platform, and they can and likely will evolve. That’s why it is important to give more detail about added place in its description window (for ex. indicate a name of profession when choosing Services). Here is the rule you should use when classifying a place to these categories:

Category What kind of places you can find within this category
Eat & Drink Restaurants, bars, cafés
Shopping Shop, market, bakery, online store
Education Schools, language classes, library with educational books
Institution Embassy, consulate, associations, cultural centers
Services Lawyer, psychologist, dentist, doctor, etc.
Heritage Museums, historical buildings, memorials
Entertainment Movies, magazines
Religion Church or other house of worship with a service in your language

If there is no place for specific categories yet, a message will invite you to share details about any you may know. When you are adding a new place and it fits to more than 1 category, you should determine which one is the primary option, and choose this one. Then in the description window, please indicate what other categories this place fits into.

Make sure that your contribution is relevant. Tell to others how this place is linked to some particular country in the description window. There will be the obvious choices: restaurants, embassies, or cultural organizations, and less obvious ones. For example, you will find a store that sells one specific product or ingredient, typical for the country of your origin, despite this shop is not linked to this country otherwise. After you have submitted a new place, it will be posted within 24-48 hours. As a free service, we do our best to manage publishing speed and quality. We base our decisions on what our members will find helpful and relevant.

This platform was meant to make it easy to find the addresses of places that promote, or are linked, to the same country. It is not a “gourmet guide”. This said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be critical. Rather than be openly critical, though, try encouraging the owners of businesses by telling them what you appreciate, and what could be improved. This is better than telling that it is not like ‘back home’. Sometimes cooking with another ingredient ten thousand miles away from your home country can’t bring the same taste and experience.

Once you have submitted your review, it cannot be edited. Also, to be posted online, we reserve ourselves generally 48 hours to approve your review.

Submit your own pictures and try to make it the best you can. We look to accept images with good framing, enough lighting and a genuine relevance to the place you are describing. The pictures must be less than 5Mb. Take a picture of the place, or of the products that you want to describe. If submitting pictures where people are the main subjects, make sure they are all aware about purpose of the picture’s use. Be creative as you can but please, keep it clean (no violence, drug use, nudity, near nudity or suggestive acts). Thank you.

Because this is a community driven platform, we want you to feel a part of that community. Filled profile, with a user’s picture, gives more trust ahead of the empty ones. It also allows us to deliver content that fits best for you. You can edit your information anytime you want. You can find some helpful features in your profile section, such as your community, places you bookmarked, information you shared, as well as your progression in the rewarding program.

We will progressively add other helpful features. Finally, if you decide to do so, you can close your user’s account by contacting us.

You are welcome to join KITnDO community. Add your business, describe how it is related to some particular country, submit your pictures and fill up all useful information for visitors. If your place has been already registered into directory, you can signal yourself as owner, you can also edit any inaccurate information and send us more pictures. If you would like to make a specific promotional campaign to your qualified audience, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Cannot find an answer to your question? Then please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Each place in the directory is linked to a specific country. We rely on you to determine how it relates to that country. There will be the obvious choices: restaurants, embassies, or cultural organizations, and less obvious ones. Maybe you will find a store that sells one specific item such as handmade puppets from the Czech Republic, or a bakery that sells baguettes rivaling those in France.

Eat & Drink Restaurants, bars, cafés
Education Schools, language classes, library
Entertainment Movies, magazines
Heritage Museums, historical buildings, memorials
Institutions Embassy, consulate, associations, cultural center
Religion Church or other house of worship with a service in your language
Services Lawyer, psychologist, dentist, doctor
Shopping Shop, market, bakery

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